Sustainability advocate. Free-rang farmer. Author. Started as a project manager. Retired as an investment banker.

After a couple of deviations from my keto diet and my intermittent fasting eating schedule, I decided to start 2022 with fasting.

I chose to start fasting on the New Year due to the fact that this time the new year starts on Saturday and the work-related stress will probably…

It is Christmas time and besides purchasing gifts, family gathering preparing, and eating nice food business becomes slow and there is suddenly a lot of time to waste.

This is how I wasted my spare time this Christmas season. Conducting social experiment that I’m now presenting to you.

I’ve got…

If the old definition of luxury was excess of everything material.

The new definition is the life that makes you happy and healthy.


Luxury is when you can make your health your priority.


Luxury is living in healthy environment with good air, no noise, great view, all the outdoor amenities…

Peter Faleskini

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