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Sustainability advocate. Free-rang farmer. Author. Started as a project manager. Retired as an investment banker.

History of R&D

Passive income is a contradiction in terms.


In 2016 Nobel prize for medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsum for discoveries of the mechanisms for autophagy.

The timeline I’m presenting is a compilation of many authors from the internet and my comments where I think are necessary for first-timers to understand. I hope my simplifications will not distord the subject to much.

Mining computers are used until they make more money mining crypto than the electricity that they use costs.

Then I knew that unspecific mining devices are sold as computers for gammers or every graphic card separately. But what…

Let’s start with the definitions


  • an intention or decision about what one is going to do.

I’m sorry

Initial success was not lasting long and we had to cope with the reality of crypto markets.

Peter Faleskini

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