Who is to blame for the current economic situation?

Zombie Apocalypse of companies with inadequate cash flow

Peter Faleskini
2 min readJun 14, 2022


Lately, I’m reading numerous reports and accusations about who is to blame for the economic situation. There are two most popular reasons — one is the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the second is the failure of monetary policies of western governments.

I wouldn’t exclude any of the above-mentioned from the mix that has added to the economic downturn. However, I believe the real reason is somewhere else — let me present it to you…

The number of entities without positive cash flow is staggering. The entities with defacto negative cash flow have surpassed the ones with a positive cash flow by a large margin.

Getting money from the state budget has a whole new meaning.

It has become somehow reassuring to the creditors and credit rating agencies. IT should enable an entity to survive without actually being on the market.

It all seems that the Marshall Plan from 1948 has become a template for so-called economic recovery. Even if Frankensteins are made daily.

The battle for resources has changed — it used to be that someone has fought over resources on the free market — now it seems everything is pre-agreed when the state budget is decided.

The poisons all zombies have drunk are a mix of loans with low-interest rates and being part of the budget.

However, as we know zombies feed on live entities. Not that they just feed they also prey on healthy live entities. And the share number makes them successful predators.

The economic zombies have two main methods of spreading.

Be aware of new government agencies that hire subcontractors and start-up companies. First, they thrive on deficit spending of nations, and second rely on loans/investments with(close to) zero interest rates.

As you probably know their feast is coming to an end.




Peter Faleskini

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