Whitepaper: SmartCityCoinTestNet 4.0

Peter Faleskini
5 min readJul 31, 2021

It has been 4 years since conception and 3 years since the token-generating event. As is always the case in life things change a lot with time — but in the end, it is all for the better.

As corporation that has issued SCCTN has to say I’m sorry and Please forgive me to the community. So has the SCCTN community say Thank you and I Love you for creating SCCTN and disappearing.

SCCTN has evolved from a corporate test mule into a community of 12.000 holders.

The time has come to end the corporate utility phase of our token and help the community make a step towards the financialization of our token. SCCTN comunity has identified niche as the financial solution for smart city and digital village projects. Where community members are destined to take an active role.

This Whitepaper is a compilation of everything the SCCTN community plans to offer to its existing and future holders in the next decade.


  • dedicated wallet
  • POS terminals
  • OTC
  • Loans
  • Guarantees
  • POF

B2C — What we offer to the end-user — individuals and companies

  • Crypto wallet
  • Save storage for SCCTN
  • Sepa/Swift payment
  • Purchase of cryptocurrencies
  • saving account
  • a debit card

B2B — What community offers to investors, developers, and communities?

Utilization of SCCTN or proprietary token to support payment within the community (POS), liquidity management, underwriting, insurance, …

Smart Cities and Digital Villages

Unique hybrid FIAT-crypto solutions for Smart Cities and Digital Villages for Eurozone.

For the first time in history project managers can completely outsource monetary systems to the decentralized community of professionals.

SCCTN is pegged to Eurocent so conversion is…

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