Whitepaper: SmartCityCoinTestNet

After successful ICO we are publishing revised Whitepaper for all that plan to purchase SmartCity Hardware and start earning SCCTN tokens or plan to purchase SCCTN tokens in our shop or on exchanges.

Smart City AG has developed a solution that connects smart
homes into a Smart City. A community-based platform connects
energy management, solar cells, batteries and offers an exchange
of information, knowledge, and value for community members
energy data.


This text provides a clear insight into Smart City Project, its business model,
products, and vision, that revolves around a Smart City Coin Test Net — Utility Token (SCCTN), that was issued on 1st August 2018. Smart City team and advisors have developed a working platform for Community-based Smart City. A solution enables real-time data capture through the home kit metering system and application for data analysis based on AI algorithms.

Members of the community can monetize their activity by sharing energy
behavior data from the management of energy, solar cells, and batteries.


Our main goal is to provide Smart House Hardware and Services for the
Members of our Community, enabling them to start monitoring their energy
usage in real-time.

For every community member, we offer a business opportunity — that enables
acquirement of SCCTN tokens in exchange for their energy data or community contribution. With the implementation of the blockchain technology and SCC Utility Token, the entire network and community get more transparency, traceability, and safety. The SC project is upgrading the smart house software and hardware with advanced blockchain technology. The main reason for it is to establish a Utility Token, a digital cryptocurrency that utilizes data on energy contributions. Our technology offers transparent, secure storage of information about Community Members contributions. A limited number of Tokens was released at the Token Generation Event. We decided not only to create a digital coupon or voucher but to provide members with the advantage of the blockchain technology and create a smart
cryptocurrency. The main purpose of the SCCTN Token is a payment tool that can be used by Community Members, in the webshop, in interaction with utilities and producer of electronic devices.

SCCTN Token is instrumental for Building Community of Smart houses by Sharing Experience about energy transformation among members.

The Smart City Community already includes active members and we estimate that the Community will scale to 1.000.000 members in the next 3–5 years. Members are able to develop their own insights as they learn about their own usage patterns and habits through visualization on web/mobile application ‘APP4SMARTCITY’. With an agreement to share their anonymized data or participate in marketing campaigns, members are awarded SCC Utility Tokens, exchangeable through ‘APP4SMARTCITY’ application for new smart devices, products, and services. The aim is to create a positive, energy saving impact on each household involved in the Community.

We have developed a reward-based system for the contributions and participation of our Members, rewarding them with digital currency,
SCCTN Utility Tokens, which provide the fuel for the energy saving actions.

For example, every member that will shoot video and post it in the member’s
area — will be rewarded with SCC, based on the number of views and ratings
of the video.


SC Team has developed a full-functioning platform that already runs for test users and is ready to market.

Working platform


Working hardware

Smart Home Starter Kit

Solar Panel Kit


The Smart City Project is a part of the ambitious mission to reduce the household carbon footprint and efficiently reduce the wasteful transformation of electricity, water, and heat.

Our vision is to develop the largest Community of energy-autonomous households.

The mission is to expand the Community of active owners and tenants (Members) and to upgrade our already existing platform (The Smart City
Network) that enables Members to closely monitor their power transformation, adapt their behavior, start generating electricity and
slowly build complete energy independence.

We help Members to transform their facilities into Smart Buildings and enable them to take control of their power usage pursuing the goal of zero running costs for electricity.


Peter Faleskini, CEO
is a technical expert in efficient electricity management and an entrepreneur
with more than 20 years of international business experience in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and CEE region Awarded the most innovative start-up in Slovenia in 2011. A restless fighter for free energy and energy neutral facilities.

Igor Vlačič, CCO
is a coach specialized in strategic communications and organizational and business psychology. His campaigns and communication strategies have brought to success many ideas and public personalities. He is a founder of Neuroagencija company and a fierce promotor of neuromarketing.

Stephen Wood,
Head of International deployment has over 40 years of experience in sourcing, production, and distribution.

Kristl Ogris, CIO
is a serial investor in CEE IT sector and has a long history in evolutionary
algorithms (EA). He is an expert in the field of AI and communication.

Peter Kolar, CTO passionate developer and business process specialist with extensive management experiences.


Tomaž Kristan
Lead developer of one of the world’s best AI solutions that uses evolutionary algorithms to solve real-world problems

Vid Ogris
Part of a new generation of AI experts with an emphasis on sustainable development. A passionate advocate for recycling and upcycling. Author of articles describing the use of AI in solving everyday problems. Editor of the FB site ‘The Era of AI’.

Klemen Kovačič
In the last 10 years, he has successfully implemented BI in over 100 companies in the CEE region. He is a key person in the development
of Business Intelligence for Energy companies.


Precision, neutrality and high standards are trademarks that define Switzerland, a home country of Smart City AG. In the financial world, Swiss offers reliable and stable financial environment with high liquidity. Switzerland is also a country that offers a fertile scientific community with the highest standards and breath-taking results.

As far as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are concerned, Swiss adopted new technology as one of the first countries in the world. Zug Valley is known as CryptoValley, where most of the blockchain companies with highest standards are located.

Smart City AG
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The main reason for introducing proprietary utility token instead of using existing FIAT or cryptocurrency is the circular economy project is introducing- the whole new ecosystem together with new society model, where everybody gets to participate…

Within Smart City community, a proprietary token will enable the community to analyze consumers behavior and recommend improvement on the collective and individual level. This is achieved by installing a smart contract, that benefits both sides of the transaction.

Business model
A smart contract provides a unique relationship between user and community,
where feedback rewards a member of Smart City Community:
• Members are rewarded for energy usage data they share
• Members are rewarded for content, advice and know how they share with
community-based on likes and ratings of post’s usefulness
• In the case of battery purchase, the Smart City is able to follow cycles of batteries
and recommend new ones when existing are due to expire.
• In case of electronic device purchase, the Smart City is able to follow where
in the life cycle, a certain device is and this will help in the selection of best
approach: maintenance, purchase or counseling in the organization of recycling.

The market value of Smart City Coin Test Net(SCCTN) set at 0.01 EUR (1EUR = 100 SCC)


Smart City AG does not guarantee the price of Smart City Coin Test Net outside of Smart City Shop. Smart City AG guarantees utility of the Smart City
Coin Test Net. Smart City Coin will be accepted as a payment for services and Smart Home Hardware in Smart City Shop operated by Smart City AG.


Utility Token
The utility tokens are services or units of services that can be purchased. These tokens can be compared to API keys, used to access the service.

Token Legal Status
SCCTN tokens represent prepayment for SmartCityShop and it is also a proof of membership in Smart City Club.

One token represents one euro cent that can be used in SmartCityShop.

It does not grant ownership rights to Smart City AG, Smart City proprietary software, algorithms, and other intellectual property. SCCTN tokens do not give a supporter any kind of share or equity.


The content of this document might be subject to change at any given time. No information, forecasts or any other content is legally binding for the issuer.

Sustainability advocate. Free-rang farmer. Author. Started as a project manager. Retired as an investment banker.