The Reality of the Food shortage Fear

The reality behind the fearmongering

Peter Faleskini
2 min readMar 29, 2022


The dogma that there will be a global food shortage is spreading from individuals with youtube channels to the mainstream media.

Let’s be realistic

  • nearly 40% of all food in America is wasted
  • nearly 40% of all Americans are overweighed
  • an average person can survive 40 days without food

So here we go using simple math against fear!

If our handling of food wood would improve and we would just waste 10% of our food. We could survive with 30% less food supply without even noticing it.

If we assume that overweight people consume on average twice the recommended caloric intake we could survive 30% less food supply.

If every person wood feast for 40 days each year we could survive a 10% smaller food supply.

Up to 70%, a smaller food supply could be absorbed just by changing our eating habits and improving our food handling processes.

The real problem with food might arise in the urban area where people have no way to organize their own gardens. The rural area has its own gardens and can produce at least some of its own food.

I believe the food shortage can negatively influence only urban areas.


  • Input data from the internet
  • I’m no advocate of food shortage
  • Do your own research

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