Money Mindset Makeover Workshop

Even as a seasoned financial expert that was in charge of multi-billion financial projects I know there is always room for improvement. Usually changing the perspective helps a lot.

While browsing the internet I found Ms.Gull Khan online and immediately liked what she writes and talks about. She is unique. I’ve attended at least half a dozen of workshops online and in-person on similar topics. This one was special and this is the reason you are reading this story about me attending the workshop.

People from all over the world attend the workshop and it seems it is getting harder and harder to get a spot. I was lucky to get a spot in her workshop. If by the end of this story you decide to make a similar move that I did I propose you reserve your next workshop as soon as you decide that you want to move to the next level in your money relationship.

I’ve already mentioned that this workshop is special. It all starts after the application. In order to benefit as much as possible — Gull Kahn has prepared preparation materials for the workshop — so you come ready and with a positive mindset. If you are like me preparation will leave you confused(until it all starts making sense during the workshop).

In emails, you get daily tasks and in a closed FB group, there are detailed video instructions and people/instructors available for support.


As previously mentioned unlike most seminars available at the moment — this workshop neds you to be mentally prepared for the seminar to benefit as much as possible.

Preparations are extensive for a busy person but are well worth it.

There are 5 tasks and bonuses on top

And when I still wondered why I had to do all the tasks the workshop started.


There are six sessions that will teach you your things own you, the distinction between self-worth and self-esteem, frequency of money, 5 types of accounts, Q&A, and exercise on letting go of limiting beliefs.

Unfortunately, words are not enough to express the value of the workshop and what it did for me.

Well, structured workshop with a lot of shared personal experiences mixed with experiences of the clients. Gull pushed me well out of my comfort zone most of the time. She really thinks so out of the box, however, every piece of advice seems logical and makes sense.


I do believe that nobody will stay the same after attending this workshop. The information given is just impossible to ignore. It seems like nobody of us has a perfect life and just a money problem. We have unresolved life problems that influence our money.

My two cents

The workshop is only a practical demonstration of all exercises — with detailed instructions and a chance to ask Gull in person. Even if the workshop kick starts your money mindset journey the real work starts after the workshop when you have to implement exercise in your daily routine.

Here is a link to Gull Khan’s podcast

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Peter Faleskini

Sustainability advocate. Free-rang farmer. Author. Started as a project manager. Retired as an investment banker.