Detox from toxic Information

Peter Faleskini
2 min readMar 2, 2022

The information war is in full swing. Regardless of which side is wrong or right, there is an information overload going on.

Some information will literally make you sick. Picture of ruined buildings, dead people, and an exodus of millions of people in Europe.

If you are not a psychopath your emotion will get triggered and your emotional balance will be disturbed.

Most of us check for the news or social media posts regularly — so we get a good dose of toxic news a couple of times an hour.

And our brain processes these data the whole time — the brain would like to know if there is an imminent danger and should our blood pressure and heart rate be increased.

At the moment most of the people reading this are not in imminent danger — so their most important task is to be in good health and stay mentally strong.


Detox always start with avoiding or at least considerably lowering the toxic input

  • Avoid toxic conversations
  • Limit your time when you conscientiously look for a certain type of news
  • Limit your screen time in general.
  • do not use your phone or computer right after you wake up or just before you go to sleep
  • avoid using your phone, watching TV, or browsing your computer while you eat

And the next phase is healthy inputs…

  • focus on your projects, your hobbies, or something that interest you and you never had time to do
  • meditate
  • avoid sweet food and eat more protein-rich food combined with vegetables
  • exercise — if possible do the strength training
  • drink more water
  • if you have a pet spend more time with your pet — if you don’t have a pet watch pet videos
  • go for a walk if possible in the nature

I fully understand you can not go completely offline however most of the time you can decide on the content you follow and how will you react to the content that does not help your mental and physical health.

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Peter Faleskini

Host of the AskFaleskini podcast