Business Essentials: Business Ethics 101–15 faux pas to avoid

Peter Faleskini
5 min readDec 5, 2021

the most underrated concern in today’s business world.

Globalization, a free-market economy, and social media have enabled millions of people to try and get into international and local businesses.

If just a couple of decades ago it was practically impossible to get into business without years of apprenticeship, a business degree, and/or adequate upbringing today doors into the business world are open for everyone regardless of his/her background knowledge, credit rating, and actual abilities.

The reality in business today is that people with different social backgrounds interact, education varies from zero to best education, cultural differences are enormous, language barriers are increasing even if English is spoken across the board, the time difference is fixed.

I hope I can keep this story as analytic as possible with hands-on advice and avoid coming across as a preacher.

Equal opportunity is nice on paper but extremely demanding on experience business person in practice.

Below is the list of most common faux pas from my business pratice:

1. Inadequate presentation

If we skip CEOs and similar titles from one-man bands from parent's houses or college dorms.

It is important to understand that in order to engage in business seller must meet the buyer or the investor must meet a project that needs investment.

So seller discuss as someone that is making a survey is not honest business practice. The same is with broker disguise as investor or broker disguise as a buyer.

2. Waste of Time

Social media enables that everyone can connect to everyone.

If you are bored do not engage in business conversations — go to dating sites instead.

Don’t forget that via social media you can engage with UHNWI and their hours are worth hundred-thousands of euros or dollars. So if you waste someone’s time you are potentially inflicting huge damage on someone.

Don’t forget what your parents should teach you — always, always be…

Peter Faleskini

Host of the AskFaleskini podcast