12 months of intermittent fasting report

When intermittent fasting becomes a daily routine

Peter Faleskini
3 min readMay 31, 2022


It has been 12 months already since I started my intermittent fasting routine. Except for initial nausea after the initial two weeks of intermittent fasting, I was healthier all year long without any cold or inflammations.

I’ve started my intermittent fasting journey after an extensive period of cleaning from sugar and similar. You can read about it here.

Here are my routines and experiences explained in the four topics that I hope will benefit you if you decide to follow the same route.


You can read my 3 months and 7 months, reports, here.

To recap I fast for 18 hours a day. I eat lunch at noon and dinner at 5.30 pm. Every other week I fast for 36 hours. And every 3 months I don’t eat for 3 days.

What benefit of fasting kicks in at what time I have described here.

While fasting I drink water, black tea, and green tea.


I’m 42 years old and I’m in best shape of my entire life. I weigh 92 kilos.

I exercise every day — you can read how never to skip gym session here…I do weights lifting exercises only…since I have a lot of cardio during my work on a farm.

I visit a chiropractor once a week, I swim at least once a week I go to the sauna at least once a week I get full body massage once a week.


I did 6 months of strict keto diet now I’m in the low carb territory eating carbs once or twice a week.

At home, I eat only organic crops and free-range organic meat and eggs. When preparing a meal I plan it in a way that I first eat food that is digested faster. How this work I have described here.

I have one cheat day a week — on the day I travel to town — so I can eat out with my friends.

I use supplements for vitamins, minerals, and collagen. I also like to add a protein shake into the mix, usually instead of dinner.



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